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2017 Festival Artwork Winner

2017 Festival Artwork Winner

The artwork for the 2017 Inman Park Festival and Tour of Homes has been selected, and the designer is Mindy Phan. She’s a native of Saigon, Vietnam, and has been an Atlanta resident for about 12 years. Mindy is a graphic designer, and encouraged by her friends to showcase her art more publicly, she entered our Festival design contest. She’s been passionate about drawing since she was “a little kid”, but really started to advance her skills when she was accepted into a graphic design program in college. She loves to hike, and says that exploring different places and learning their histories broadens her horizons. When asked for a fun fact about herself to share, she responded, “I have a never-ending love for food!”

Mindy’s inspiration was the artwork on the BeltLine and within Inman Park, and since her discovery of the neighborhood occurred while she was on her bicycle, she used that as the central theme of her design, with the background butterflies symbolizing the rebirth of the neighborhood.

See the Artwork

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Filming in Inman Park

The art of Filming in Inman Park

Karen Goeckel, Special Events Chair 

I’ve heard stories about a circus that would come to town, setting up in the property that is now Inman Inman Village on Lake Ave (long before the Mead plant stood on the same grounds) while it’s performers and various other hired hands would enjoy the hospitality of nearby residents. –So it is fitting that even now Inman Park is still a place that entices and welcomes “show-folk!”

As Georgia’s film and television industry grew by $1 billion in 2016, generating $7 billion in revenue with 245 feature films and TV shows shot in Georgia. Our beloved “small town downtown” has contributed to the $2.02 billion in direct spending in the state, helping the film industry create a home in Georgia that Governor Deal and Mayor Reed are committed nurture, creating jobs and economic opportunities.

Inman Park has always caught the eye of shrewd location scouts and is a popular on-camera location for motion picture and television filming for many reasons: diverse commercial spaces, historical homes, attractively maintained parks and its proximity to the city. A world can easily be created to resemble 1901 again just as easily as it could reflect modern life, which is why some of the productions filmed in our neighborhood have included Jumanji, Baby Driver, Neighbors 2, Being Mary Jane, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Zombieland, Hangman, MacGyver, Star, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, Fast and Furious 7, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Kill the Messenger and many, many commercials and music videos.

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Going to Have a Ball 2017

Get Ready to Party
“We’re Going to Have a Ball”

By Thea M. Quillian Butterfly Ball Chair 2017

2017 Festival planning is underway, and so is the planning for our yearly kick off extravaganza, Butterfly Ball.

This year get ready to eat, drink, dance and have a Ball under the star lit tent. Bogey and The Viceroy will be back to keep us on our toes and entertain us throughout the evening.

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2017 Inman Park Diners Club

2017 Inman Park Diners Club

Yes, it is time to sign up for the Inman Park Diners Club and for those who are new to the Inman Diners dinner club, after you signup you will be invited to the kick-off party. At the party you will find out who is in your 2017 group and then you will attend 5 dinners with that group over the course of the year, approximately once every 2 months. I will suggest some dates but you as a group make your own decisions and dates can be changed at any time if needed.

The host or hostess has the honor to decide on the menu; emails out the recipes and everybody chooses one dish to bring. That means less work and less clean up for the host! You must live in Inman Park and you must to commit to show up at each dinner, dish in hand. Other than that, there are no requirements. This is not about cooking skills, large dining rooms, blind dates, or anything else. This is about having fun, getting to know each other and being able to walk home after some good eating and drinking with your neighbors. If you are not a member of the IPNA yet, this is a great opportunity to do so and it is free. This year the kick-off party will be on Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 7:30PM, 860 Euclid Avenue.

Please register here for the 2017 Diners Club.

Inman Park Coyotes

In walking my dog, I noticed a "beware" sign someone posted about someone spotting a coyote. Knowing how common it is for coyotes to be in most urban and suburban areas around the nation (and in other Atlanta neighborhoods like Candler Park), I was not that surprised (even though I have never spotted coyotes myself even though I walk my dog daily). But I am afraid that some residents might needlessly over-react and hire some trapper to trap and probably kill those coyotes who might live around here. That will just open up the territory to other coyotes to come in.

I've been hosting a WRFG eco radio show "In Tune to Nature" since 2010, and I have interviewed many local experts who can help our Inman Park neighbors understand how to peacefully coexist with coyotes. This is one group (my friend Meta is a cofounder of Coyote Coexistence), and also the AWARE wildlife rescue group I think either of these groups could send a representative to an inman park association meeting. Or perhaps you could use this information on their websites to help write an educational article in an upcoming Advocator.

Thank you! I appreciate you all working to help the neighborhood. I love it here.

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Aging Well with Technology Recap

Aging Well with Technology Recap

Steve and Karin Stern, our Inman Park neighbors and technology experts, provided a session on Taming Your Technology that included information on smart password management and organizing and managing files. We learned about the importance of choosing secure passwords and steps to take including avoiding using the same password for multiple sites and to never chose birth dates or other personal information as passwords. The session provided helpful information on cloud based password management software such as LastPass. Kathy Busko also gave a brief overview on Uber and Lyft car services and judging by the discussion, there is a strong interest and need for alternative transportation options.

During the session, many expressed interest in additional sessions as well as one-on-one in-home technology consults. Steve has offered to provide this service based on an hourly rate. For information on Steve’s services, he can be contacted at: [email protected]. Or 404-281-8582.

Look for announcements on our upcoming 2017 Aging Well Programs starting in February. These sessions are offered through the Lifelong Inman Park Committee.

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18th Annual Inman Park Polar Bear Jump

18th Annual Inman Park Polar Bear Jump

Sunday, January 1, 2016 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Inman Park Pool.
It’s the very first party of 2017, right here in Inman Park. It’s a social event, a family outing, and a hangover cure all in one happy gathering! We still insist that it has cured the common cold. And we’re done before New Year’s Day parties and Bowl games! Rain, sleet or snow…we jump! Just bring your swimsuit and a towel and join in on the icy plunge. Or just come watch and cheer on your friends and neighbors (over Irish coffee)Changing rooms will be open.

The festivities begin at 10 a.m. on January 1, with the jump scheduled for 11 a.m.

NPU-N Update – December 2016

NPU-N Update – December 2016

By Rick Bizot,  NPU-N Representative for IPNA: [email protected]

Notes from the November 28, 2016 meeting:

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IPNA Dekalb Ave.

Engineering Project for Dekalb Ave.

The City of Atlanta is planning to undertake a major reconstruction and engineering project for Dekalb Ave. Right now, the City is at the most preliminary planning stage and is seeking public input as to what shape the project should take. The first step in that process occurred Thursday evening at a community meeting convened by Renew Atlanta (the City Office that is leading the planning effort).

At this stage, the City does not have a plan. The purpose of Thursday’s meeting was for Renew Atlanta planning officials to hear from individuals regarding their preferences and priorities for Dekalb Ave. This meeting represented the beginning of the process of community engagement. For those of you who were unable to attend, you may submit your comments on the Renew Atlanta website here. The public comment period will remain open until December 8. After that, Renew Atlanta officials will conduct formal studies of the options and priorities that the found preference during the public engagement process. The closest Renew Atlanta officials came to presenting a concrete plan was the recognition that the TSPLOST measure that passed at the last election includes funding for a multi-use trail from Inman Park to Rocky Ford Rd. (where it would link with the existing PATH trail).

At the meeting on Thursday, Renew Atlanta officials asked the community to imagine an eraser that could be used to clean the slate on which Dekalb Ave. was drawn. What would we want to see in its place if money were no object? Comments focused on prioritizing among four modalities: car, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit. Among those who spoke on this issue, most emphasized bicycle over car traffic. Nonetheless, there were those who spoke up for the importance of maintaining an efficient corridor for the thousands of cars that use this route every day (or, perhaps more accurately, support was voiced for creating such a corridor). There were also many comments made expressing concern about safety. On this point, there was a broad consensus in favor of eliminating the infamous “suicide” lane.

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The Beltline Project at 670-690 DeKalb

The Beltline Project at 670-690 DeKalb
by Neil Kinkopf

To this point, much of our deliberation over the proposal for this site has centered on whether the development would preserve or inhibit the potential future placement of transit along the Beltline path. I am pleased to report that our goal of preserving the possibility of keeping trail and transit together has been achieved (more on this below). The zoning aspects of the project remain and will require the neighborhood to vote at our meeting on Wednesday.

This is a lengthy post, so I have divided it into three parts. The first section describes the issues we will be voting on Wednesday. We are asked whether the proposal is sufficiently beneficial to the neighborhood that we should support the developer’s request to deviate in two ways from applicable regulations. First, the proposal would exceed the applicable height limit. Second, the density of the residential component of the development exceeds the applicable limit. The second section lays out the compromise to resolve the Beltline transit issue. The third section responds to some questions that have been raised regarding the process the IPNA board has followed.

1. The Zoning Issues

The developer asks the neighborhood’s support for its requested height variance. Our historic preservation regulations contemplate that variances up to a certain height can be granted (though they need not be). The proposal’s height is within the limit that we may (but, again, need not) permit.

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When October 24, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location Inman Park Trolley Barn

Event Management Team – Free Registration code required
General Admission – $25.00 (USD)
Your registration fee includes admission to the event, BBQ from Fox Brothers and beverages. A portion of this fee will also be donated to the Inman Park Neighborhood Association.

Join us at the Historic Trolley Barn in Inman Park for a special edition of "Urban Conversations" as we discuss two measures that could help shape the future of Atlanta in a significant way. A team of distinguished city leaders who will explain what two referendums that City of Atlanta residents will vote on November 8

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October 2016 NPU-N Update

October 2016 NPU-N Update

By Rick Bizot Ÿ NPU-N Representative for IPNA Ÿ [email protected]

Notes from the September 22, 2016 meeting: Download the PDF


Police Department: Capt. Gorley reinforced that it is good when citizens notify police of suspicious items or activity. MARTA police Sgt. Davis mentioned their “See and Say” app for smartphones.

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Another Tree Planting?

Another Tree Planting?

Yep, that’s right. Tree Watch will soon be planting more trees in Inman Park. The date is Saturday, January 21, 2017.Here’s your chance to get trees for your yard and/or planting strip. Read on!

No doubt some of you are wondering why we need more trees. You see young trees along our streets, and you may remember me telling you that Inman Park is approaching 1,000 new trees since 2000.

Trust me, though. We do need more trees, especially in our yards. A recent study in Portland found that a single shade tree increased a homeowner’s property value by an average $7,130, not to mention the additional value realized by neighbors — $12,828 altogether. Street trees in Portland added $8,870, on average, to a house’s sale price.

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Affordable Housing, The BeltLine, and Inman Park

Affordable Housing, The BeltLine, and Inman Park
By Regina Brewer

In 1999, a planning group Inman Park met to create a long- term vision for our residents. A survey was sent out and answered by well over half the neighborhood (quite a feat in those days). We wanted to live here as long as we could, protect our historic buildings, require reasonable, quality designed mixed- use development, and ensure that Inman Park remained affordable. Those goals were codified in the Inman Park local historic district regulations.

At the August IPNA meeting, we discussed the new development at 670 DeKalb Ave that straddles O4W and Inman Park with the Beltline Trail (and future transit) running through it. It is a critical juncture and must be designed and implemented so that it can safely go under the Hulsey Yard (CSX railroads loading and distribution facility) and come out onto Wylie Street. Concern was expressed over the lay out of the transit/trail and that the proposed development might prevent the future implementation of the transit. In regard to the development’s proposed mix of uses, quality of design, and requested height variance, the neighborhood expressed its support and noted that if the transit issues were addressed, the development had the neighborhood’s full support.

At the September meeting Atlanta Beltline Inc CEO Paul Morris and his engineers gave a very thorough presentation and we now know 1) Inman Park can and should express its preference for the ABI straight trail/transit corridor configuration 2) CSX has sovereign immunity and they have to agree to anything that crosses under or over their yard 3) The development as it is currently laid out, with our preferred path/transit configuration, can absolutely allow for future transit to be built. One issue remains. ABI and their engineers have confirmed that the proposed trail/transit tunnel width of 80 feet with the preferred straight configuration can meet all the goals. Ryan Gravel has stated that the trail/transit width should be 105 feet to allow for unforeseen circumstances and have less impact on the outdoor spaces adjacent to the development. It comes down to 25 feet.

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The “Elegant” Beltline Solution

The “Elegant” Beltline Solution and Dekalb 670-690

During the presentations on September 21, 2016 at the Trolley Barn, the only thing which became clear was that the issues under discussion reside on three different levels. Those levels need to be separated and understood in order to make informed decisions and votes. Look at the Site Plan.

Level One

Two options for the Streetcar/Light rail solution will be presented to the Federal Government to get major funding and have already been selected.

Option A: the Streetcar/Light rail will run in its own right of way which is principally next to and part of the Beltline pathway and go straight South, underneath Dekalb and the Yard.

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Merry Market


Inman Park United Methodist Church is excited to host its very first Merry Artists Market!

We will be featuring local artists with an assortment of crafts, jewelry, ceramics, and edible treats that will be perfect for Christmas gifts. We will have a kid zone so kids can stay busy creating fun Christmas crafts while the parents can relax and shop at the market. 

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Lifelong Inman Park Plan Workshop

Lifelong Inman Park Plan
September 29, Thursday  7:00 p.m. Trolley Barn

Inman Park neighbors are invited to a workshop to help design our Lifelong Inman Park Plan.

The workshop will be conducted by TSW Planners and the Lifelong Inman Park committee. Councilman Kwanza Hall, with support from IPNA, engaged TSW to develop an action plan to make Lifelong Inman Park a reality.

This event moves Inman Park toward realizing the lifelong community we all desire, a community where neighbors all ages can continue to enjoy active, healthy and productive lives. Your participation is important for our success.

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Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business and Mary Lin’s Rockets!
Supporting the Mary Lin School Partner Program

Do you own a small business that could benefit from increased exposure to the residents of Inman Park and our surrounding neighborhoods? Do you also believe an excellent public school is KEY to a thriving community? If so, the Mary Lin School Partner Program is a WIN-WIN for your business!

Mary Lin Elementary is a public elementary school serving the Inman Park, Candler Park, Little 5 Points and Lake Claire neighborhoods. We have 475+ families with nearly 650 students and 70 staff members. Becoming a school partner gives your business year-round exposure to a large and diverse community that has a great record of supporting local businesses.

The Mary Lin Education Foundation (MLEF) is collaborating with the Mary Lin PTA on the Partner Program so that we make only one ask annually of our local businesses. Both the PTA and the MLEF benefit from this important source of funding (a 50/50 split), and 100% of the funds raised go toward our shared goal to ignite every Mary Lin student’s imagination and intellect to its fullest potential.

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Supporting the Grady Cluster Schools

Supporting the Grady Cluster Schools
By the Inman Park Education Committee

Incredible things are happening in the schools that are part of the Grady Cluster. Inman Park children attend Mary Lin ES, Samuel Inman Middle, and Grady High and more than ever, these schools are offering outstanding education opportunities both inside and outside the classrooms. These programs often require community support and the education committee hopes that IPNA will agree with the funding requests we have made for fiscal year 2016-17. Our schools are one of the best reasons to live in Inman Park and the school's continued success means the success of all the children.

At Mary Lin, the new addition and renovation completed last year relieved the overcrowding and gave the students and teachers some much needed space. The front of the school (where the teachers and staff manage the car pool line) is in full sun so the school would like to install sail shades (much like those over the baby pool) to bring some welcome relief. Additionally, the original outdoor classroom created many years ago was lost when the school footprint was expanded. There are plans for a new outdoor classroom to foster interest in the environment and the school would be very grateful for funding to help with this.

Inman Middle School, through Dr. Betsy Bockman’s award winning leadership and the teacher’s hard work, the school is considered one of the best middle schools in the state of Georgia. Offering a diverse array of connection classes including language, music, art, and JROTC, the school works hard to create an academic and culturally rich student body. The science program is one of Inman’s best-kept secrets. Each year the 7th grade students go on a field trip to understand the ecology in our ocean and rivers. In past years, the students went to Cumberland Island but the education cabins and classroom is being renovated so they now go to the Coosa River School of Science. It’s an extraordinary trip and Inman leaves no child behind so funds to support those students who cannot afford the $200 are desperately needed.

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IPNA August Agenda

IPNA August 2016 Agenda


I. Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers 
II. Minutes of Last Meeting
III. Announcements
         - Little Five Points Halloween Festival

IV. Police Officers’ Reports
V. Elected Officials’ Reports
VI. IPNA Officers’ Reports

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