Little 5 Points Mini-Precinct

The Atlanta Police Mini-Precinct in Little 5 Points is now in it's 19th year, and continues to be a cornerstone in our community’s approach to reduce crime. The Mini-Precinct Satellite Police Station project, is a public/private partnership between the City of Atlanta and community. The officers, equipment, supplies, computers, electronic and video communication gear, etc., are funded by the Police Department.  The community provided the funds to renovate the space and continues to pay for rent, repairs, utilities and other operating costs.  That funding has come from L5P Business Association ...Read More

In Defense of Our Homeless Neighbors

As Inman Park resident, I want to welcome our homeless brothers and sisters, and stand in opposition to an article published in the Inman Park Advocator  (photos)last month. The individuals referred to as “Urban Campers” in the article are our neighbors. They should be welcomed and treated with respect and dignity, rather than labeled with inaccurate, degrading stereotypes while calling for their forcible removal. [1]Our neighborhood would not be the vibrant, progressive space that it is without all of our residents. (read the post)

 Irwin St. Temporary Closing

There will be a temporary 30 day road closure of Irwin St NE between Sampson St NE/Auburn Avenue and Krog St NE starting on March 20th and ending April 17th. This closure coincides with the construction of the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail Extension, including installation of a speed table at the trail crossing; sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and light poles; rapid flashing beacons for a safe pedestrian crossing; installation of a fiber optic duct bank; a new storm line connection to existing storm structure; and existing storm structure rehabilitation. Read more here... Irwin Street Closure Notification  NORTHEAST + SOUTHEAST STUDY GROUP


Inman Park Theatre Night

Saturday, April 29, 2017 under the Festival Tent on Elizabeth Street 7:30 p.m.

Our neighborhood theatres make us laugh, cry, and see things from a different perspective.
So don’t miss your chance to dine with friends and enjoy outstanding performances from
our three local theatres plus a special appearance from Grady High School’s “Grady Drama”
Pack your picnic basket, call your friends, and reserve your table now (learn more)

Filming in Inman Park

I’ve heard stories about a circus that would come to town, setting up in the property that is now Inman Inman Village on Lake Ave (long before the Mead plant stood on the same grounds) while it’s performers and various other hired hands would enjoy the hospitality of nearby residents. –So it is fitting that even now Inman Park is still a place that entices and welcomes “show-folk!” (read more)