Vila de Grip Building Rezoning and Redevelopment Proposal

The owners of the parcel located at 320 N. Highland, the building known as Villa de Grip, have proposed a major development.  In addition to renovating the existing building, the owners plan to add two new buildings to the site.  Under the plans, the existing Villa de Grip building would be renovated to house a 5,000+ square foot restaurant on the ground floor and to provide 5,000+ square feet of office space on the second floor.  A second, three-story building would be built with another restaurant on the first floor and office space on the two upper floors.  Finally, an additional building would be constructed with a three-level parking deck and two additional floors of office space above. (read more)

July IPNA Meeting Highlights

Regan Hammond gave updates on Renew Atlanta and the plans for 3 upcoming projects: Euclid and Edgewood, Krog St and Lake Ave and N. Highland from Alaska to Elizabeth St. Full plan details will be available at

Little 5 Pts Halloween Parade Permit approved. parade will be on October 21, 2017. 

Anna Foote from the Atlanta Commercial Improvement District came to discuss Findley Plaza and Bass Fields. Residents strongly voiced their desire to maintain Bass Fields as green space where kids can play instead of developing the land into a parking deck or other structure. IPNA Pres Neil Kinkopf expressed the IPNA's desire to have a neighborhood rep become part of the the CID's process. (read more) 


July 2017 IPNA Meeting Agenda

The July meeting of the IPNA is Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at the Trolley Barn at 7:30p

Topics we'll go over include: 

--Report of Regan Hammond of Renew Atlanta on progress of transportation projects in Inman Park funded by the Renew Atlanta bond (especially the intersection of Euclid and Edgewood Aves.)
-- Report by Kahle Davis (President of the Little Five Points Business Association) on the annual Little Five Points Halloween Parade
-- Report by Anna Foote (Executive Director, Little Five Points Commercial Improvement District) on the CID and its plans for Little Five Points (particularly regarding the redesign of Findley Plaza and the potential development of Bass Field)
-- Vote on proposed amendments to the draft Lifelong Inman Park Study (the study was presented and discussed at the June meeting and is available along with proposed amendments on the IPNA website) 
-- Vote on Lifelong Inman Park study as amended

(read more)



Vote on Lifelong Inman Park Plan Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Lifelong Inman Park Plan was developed to guide Inman Park’s transformation into a Lifelong Community by incorporating the needs of older residents into all aspects of community planning, development, and living. This plan reflects a national Lifelong Communities movement and addresses four Lifelong principles. These principles were identified through neighborhood surveys, a walking tour, and a workshop along with input from IPNA Board and neighbor meetings. The plan addresses housing.... (read more)

 Little Five Arts Alive!
It's Back, Live arts of all sorts to L5P plazas from April through November 2017. 

Theatre artists, dancers, musicians, circus artists, and acts of all sorts will animate Findley & Davis Plazas in L5P every Saturday & Sunday 5-8pm, April 22-November 5. All to create a warm, welcoming, and artful place for our community and visitors. ​We will be programming both professional and higher level student performances and arts events that are participatory that can involve anyone who wants to join in. (learn more)   Check out the current calendar of events.

IPNA Sidewalk Subsidy Program

IPNA is stepping up so that you can step out with confidence.  You probably have noticed the new sidewalks improving streetscapes throughout Inman Park due to the dedication of our Sidewalk Committee.  Thanks to increased IPNA budget allocations and Festival Beer tips, approximately 60K will be spent replace crumbling neighborhood sidewalks during 2017.  (Learn More)


Inman Park Theatre Night

Saturday, April 29, 2017 under the Festival Tent on Elizabeth Street 7:30 p.m.

Our neighborhood theatres make us laugh, cry, and see things from a different perspective.
So don’t miss your chance to dine with friends and enjoy outstanding performances from
our three local theatres plus a special appearance from Grady High School’s “Grady Drama”
Pack your picnic basket, call your friends, and reserve your table now (learn more)

Caterpillar Costume Ball

Hayrides! Hot dogs! Prizes! And COSTUMES... The Caterpillar Ball has it all! This Ball is for children of all ages with prizes, crafts, face painting and hayrides!

  • Costumes are fun and highly encouraged but not required.
  • Hayrides, generously provided by Bo Bradshaw, are from 5:30-6:30pm.
  • Hot dogs come in both beef and veggie and are provided by Wrecking Bar Brewpub.

(See more details)