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October 2020 IPNA Meeting Agenda

October 21, 2020 IPNA meeting Agenda:

Welcome/Introduction of newcomers

Police officers’ report

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2021 Proposed IPNA Budget- revised

The budget proposed at the September IPNA meeting included an asterisk in the Little 5 Points mini-precinct row and $5000 in the IPNA Board discretionary grant row. As you see in the September minutes, there was some debate about whether or not to contribute to the mini-precinct this year in light of our lack of Festival and questions about the mini-precincts overall effectiveness. The conclusion reached at the meeting was that the Board would consider allocating the $5000 discretionary grant to the mini-precinct after meeting with Al Caproni and Chris Curley from the Little 5 Points Alliance and Richard Shapiro from the Business Association. Our goal was to gather more information about how the money was being used, who else was contributing and in what amount, and what the relationship is between the Little 5 Points Alliance and the Little 5 Points mini-precinct before making a decision. After speaking with Al, Chris, and Richard, the Board agreed at our meeting last week to dedicate the $5000 discretionary grant to the mini-precinct with the condition that we (IPNA) meet with CPNO, the L5P Alliance, and the L5P Business Association to set quantifiable goals for cost-sharing and fundraising and we that make progress on those goals over the coming year. 

Please review the final budget.

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2021 Proposed IPNA Budget


The State of COVID Collaboration

ARCHI is hosting a conversation with the heads of DeKalb and Fulton Boards of Health on Oct 7th-- they are giving a bit of a State of COVID address- what's working right now, what they need help with (especially targeted to community groups) and what they are worried about regarding upcoming winter and flu season. Anyone in the neighborhood would also be very welcome to join if they are interested in hearing from these women and if they have questions about what might lie ahead. Info is here: The State of COVID-19 in Atlanta - ARCHI Collaborative

City of Atlanta Pre-Arrest Diversion Program

The City of Atlanta is revising it's pre-arrest diversion program and contemplating ways it can set up a system through 311 that could deploy resources/counselors/trained interventions to individuals who are more likely be experiencing a mental health situation or suffering from effects of poverty or addiction. There is a survey that anyone who lives or works in Atlanta is invited to fill out. 

 Pre-arrest Diversion INFO:

In June, Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a substantial funding increase, which will allow PAD (Pre-Arrest Diversion) to expand citywide over the course of this fiscal year. Mayor Bottoms' recent Administrative Orders direct the city to establish a multi-year agreement with PAD, as well as to develop a plan to train all Atlanta Police Department officers to use diversion as an alternative to arrest. When an officer has already detained a person and can call our team instead, we provide an immediate alternative to charging and booking that individual through PAD LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion)

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Inman Park Little Pumpkin Parade

Inman Park Little Pumpkin Parade - A Family-Friendly Halloween Celebration

Celebrate Halloween by joining Inman Park’s Little Pumpkin Parade on October 31st at 6:00.  Our parade will be socially-distanced with families separated by six feet or more.  Our neighborhood Target at Edgewood has generously donated pre-filled candy pails that will be available at the end of the parade route as a safe alternative to Trick or Treating!  

Participants: Inman Park families with children up to 13 years old are invited to join the parade.  Since participation is limited, participants must RSVP by filling out the form: Priority will be given to Inman Park families. 

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Trees Atlanta Plantlanta and Tree Sale



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Tuesday Tip: Special Election on September 29

The special election on Sept. 29 is confusing, right? Seems like a lot of work to elect someone to serve out the remaining months of our beloved Congressman John Lewis’s term. The person we elect will represent the 5th Congressional District only through Jan. 2021, but some heavy decisions may be made in Congress during those 98 days. 

Here is a Sample Ballot for the Sept. 29 election, and here is a link to the candidates  who are on the ballot, along with their various platforms.

If no candidate receives 50% of the vote, there will be a run-off election on Dec. 1st, in which case the winner will serve a congressional term of 33 days.

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September 2020 IPNA Meeting Agenda

September 16, 2020 IPNA meeting Agenda:


Welcome/Introduction of newcomers

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Lifelong Inman Park Information Session

Lifelong Inman Park Zoom  Information Session. TALK SAVES LIVES - September 18 at 10:30AM

An Introduction to Suicide Prevention to cover what we know about this leading cause of death, the most up-to-date research on prevention, and what we can all do to fight suicide.  Participants will learn the common risk factors, how to spot the warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones and those in our community safe.

Presented by Taylor Chambers, MPH

Associate Area Director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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Food Drive for our Neighbors in Need

Hi Inman Park! Please consider donating any of the items below to the local Food Pantry. Your donations go to members of our community experiencing food insecurity - both the homeless and hungry. The need is incredible currently and every little bit helps!
  • Canned meat including tuna, chicken, spam, and Vienna sausage 
  • Chunky soups especially those w pop-top lids 
  • Canned vegetables including spinach, green beans, beets and corn, carrots 
  • Rice or Pasta / noodles 
  • Canned or dried fruits 
  • Cereal, Peanut butter, granola bars or other shelf stable items
More info about the organization and an up-to-date list of greatest needs is here:
Drop your donations off any time to 889 Edgewood Ave. We have a box on our front porch. Donations will be delivered weekly to ICM Food Pantry thru September. Thank you!

August 2020 IPNA Meeting Agenda

NOTE: The actual meeting invitation will arrive by email Wednesday afternoon and members can click on the link included and then enter the password given in order to join the meeting. 


August 19, 2020 IPNA meeting Agenda:

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Early Voting Starts Today and runs through August 7

Early voting began today and continues until August 7th for the August 11 run-off election. Here is a list of 20 early voting locations in Fulton County.
Among the early voting locations is State Farm Arena. There is free parking available. 
Fulton Voters Can Cast Ballots at State Farm Arena – Georgia’s Largest Voting Site 

Fulton Voters Can Cast Ballots at State Farm Arena – Georgia’s Largest Voting Site


Freedom Park Conservancy PSA

Freedom Park Conservancy Announces SWA Group as Master Planner for Freedom Park:

World renowned firm selected for its visionary ideas


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July 2020 IPNA Meeting Agenda

NOTE: The actual meeting invitation will arrive by email Wednesday afternoon and members can click on the link included and then enter the password given in order to join the meeting. 

July 15, 2020 IPNA meeting Agenda:

Welcome/Introduction of newcomers

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Rename the Joel Award

Reimagining the Joel Award

During the June IPNA meeting we discussed the renaming of our neighborhood community service award. As you may know, the award was created in the mid-1970s by Robert Griggs, the founder of Inman Park Restoration, as a way for young, pioneering neighbors to recognize one another’s efforts in revitalizing our long-neglected neighborhood. The award became known as the Joel Award in recognition of Joel Hurt, the surveyor and developer of Inman Park.

As awareness has grown in recent years about Joel Hurt and his history of using and abusing convict labor, his name has become uncomfortable for many. (For reference, see Slavery by Another Name by Douglas Blackmon.) Clearly, Joel Hurt doesn’t represent the values of 21st century Inman Park. It is time for us to select a new name for the award.

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IPNA Proposed BLM Statement

Inman Park Stands with Black Lives Matter
The time is overdue to end the systemic racism that has prevailed through the history of our nation.  While progress has been made, racism remains pervasive in our institutions.  It is unjust and we will work to end it.  It harms us all. Black Lives Matter.

Fourth of July Picnic - cancelled

We regret to inform everyone that due to COVID-19, we will not be having our 4th of July Picnic. We hope to see all of you next year!

June 2020 IPNA Meeting Agenda

NOTE: The actual meeting invitation will arrive by email Wednesday afternoon and members can click on the link included and then enter the password given in order to join the meeting. 


Introduction of newcomers

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