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IPNA June 2019 Meeting Agenda

The IPNA meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn.

Meeting Agenda Items 

  • Philip Covin, IPNA Freedom Park Conservancy Board Representative;  Laura Hennighausen, Freedom Park Conservancy Executive Director; and Samara Minkin, Manager of Public Art, Office of the Mayor: Freedom Park Conservancy Art installation presentation.  

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IPNA Board Transition 2019


Last night the IPNA Board and Committee Heads met to welcome our 4 new board members and say thanks to the board members who completed their terms. Welcome to new VP of Security Kevin Curry, Secretary, Julie Noble, VP of Communications, Melissa Miller and Historic Preservation Sara Wittich. Thanks to Thom Abelew, Ro Lawson, David Bikoff and Cristy Lenz for successfully competing their two year terms. Thanks to all our volunteers who work so hard to make our neighborhood the lovely community it is. 


IPNA May 2019 Agenda

 The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting will begin at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Trolley Barn. Please note the meeting begins a half-hour earlier this month to accommodate our state lawmakers, Rep Park Cannon, Rep. David Dreyer, and Sen. Nan Orrock. They will attend our meeting to update us on legislative matters. Please adjust your schedule to attend. Our regular IPNA meeting agenda will follow. 


  • Sagirah Jones, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition: Atlanta Streets Alive - Cross-City,
  • Beverly Miller for Pat Westrick: May Porch Party
  •   Election of IPNA Board Members
  • Hulsey Yards Visioning Committee Update
  • Request for Budget Items - due July 31
  • Formation of IPNA Planning Committee

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IPNA April 2019 Meeting Agenda

The IPNA Meeting will be held Thursday, April 18, 2019, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. Please note, our meeting is not being held on Wednesday this month. We voted to move the meeting too Thursday to accommodate a Trolley Barn booking. 

Meeting Agenda Items:

  • MARTA: Colleen Kieran, Senior Director for Government & Community Affairs - Inman Park / Reynoldstown Station                                Improvement
  • The Daily Pilates: Lily Collins, Owner
  • Meeting with GaTech Student Planning Association
  • Hulsey Yards Visioning Committee Update
  • Krog St. Market Update
  • Formation of IPNA Planning Committee
  • Alcohol license applications: Cold Beer & Shake ShackNew
  • Project with Atlanta History Center
  • Formation of Communication Committee
  • Eileen Rhea Brown-Film Committee Update
  • Cooper Pierce-Festival Update
  • Al Caproni and Chris Curley: L5P Update-ARC Livable Centers Initiative Supplemental Grant Proposal

Welcome and Introduction of Newcomers  

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IPNA February Meeting Agenda

The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting will be held Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. The following items are on the agenda. All are welcome. 

  • MARTA: Colleen Kieran - Inman Park / Reynoldstown Station Improvements
  •  Asana Partners: Brian Purcell - Delivery truck parking, ride-share provider access, parking deck way-finding signage, and landscaping contractor protocol at Krog Street Market
  •  Trees Atlanta: Kelly Ridenhour - Green Streets and Clean Streams smart planter installation to help manage and analyze stormwater runoff
  •  Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Shelley Megede - Opportunities for community involvement
  •  Atlanta History Center: Nasim Fluker - Opportunity for increased neighborhood involvement and broader exposure for IPNA’s current exhibit at the center
  •  Freedom Park Conservancy: Laura Henninghausen, Executive Director, and Harriett Lane, Board President - FPC U
  • Formation of new IPNA Planning CommitteeIPNA Business Meeting
  •   Liquor License Requests:  1) Revelator Coffee Company, LLC d/b/a Hazel Jane’s Wine and Coffee and 2) Skinny’s Hot Chicken

  • Update on 320 N. Highland Avenue
  • AUDC application: 1077 Alta Avenue
  • Volunteer Event Recap
  •  Implementation of MemberClicks Membership Fees
  •  Formation of new IPNA Finance Committee
  •  Cooper Pierce, IPNA Festival co-Chair: Festival Update

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IPNA January Meeting Agenda

The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at the Trolley Barn 7:30 pm. All Inman Park neighbors are welcome. 

This month's agenda will cover: 

 Louis Grisoglio, MARTA Senior Outreach Planner - Update on Status of Inman Park-Reynoldstown Station closure

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IPNA Dec Meeting Agenda


IPNA December 2018 Agenda


Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers

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IPNA November 2018 Agenda

 Here is the rundown for the IPNA Meeting, November 28, 2018, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. All IPNA residents are welcome. 

Agenda Summary:

  • MARTA bridge closure
  • Approval of letter to Asana partners, owner of Krog St. market, regarding problems created by deliveries and visitor parking
  • Transportation Plan Updates: North Highland Avenue; Edgewood/Euclid Intersection
  • Hulsey Yards Update
  • Inman Park Master Plan Update

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IPNA June Meeting Agenda

The June meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. The agenda will include

-A call for budget requests for the 2018-2019 fiscal year
-Seeking members for committees -Historic Preservation, Zoning and Nominating Committees
-1034 Euclid Ave Type IV appropriateness update
Jenkins Metal/Thrive Homes Update
-74 Druid Circle -additions to non-contributing structure
-Villa de Grip update
-Little Spirit, 299 N. Highland NE-change of agent
-Moreland Corridor Update
-Inman Park Plan
-Hulsey Yards
-Springvale Park Update- Amy Higgins
-Special Events - $1250 donation from 20th Century Fox
-Transportation - Janice Darling: street redesigns
-20th century fox - Karen Goeckel
-Bylaws Committee Update 

We hope to see you there. 


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DeKalb Complete Streets Letter of Support

The IPNA voted to write a letter of support for the DeKalb Complete Streets project. There is an emphasis on safety and accessibility. The letter will be sent to Councilmember Amir Farokhi and Tom Weyandt with Renew Atlanta. 



The Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA) strongly supports the DeKalb Avenue Complete Street project because it will enhance the safety and accessibility of a primary Atlanta eastside corridor for people who walk, require ADA access, bike, drive, and take MARTA.

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IPNA May 2018 Agenda

May's IPNA meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at the Trolley Barn, 7:30 pm. 

This month we'll vote on new board members: 

 Beverly Miller to serve as President, Jonathan Miller to serve as Vice President for Zoning, Rick Bizot to serve as Vice President for Planning, and Jeff Oliver to serve as Treasurer.

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North Highland Corridor Drawings

At the April meeting Renew Atlanta discussed the improvements they plan to make to N. Highland. Below is the link to those renderings. 

Click here to see the drawings.

IPNA Bylaws and Summary of Revisions

The Bylaws will be moved to the Bylaws section of the website once they are voted on and approved by the neighborhood. 

IPNA Bylaws

Executive Summary of Revisions

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IPNA April 2018 Agenda

IPNA April 2018 Agenda

Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers

Police Officers’ Report

Minutes of Last Meeting

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IPNA March Meeting Agenda

The IPNA meeting will be held March 21, 2018, at 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. Below is the meeting agenda. All Inman Park residents and business owners are welcome. On the agenda are plans for the Jenkins Metal site and a liquor license for "The Watchman" coming to Krog Street Market. We'll also get an update on DeKalb Ave from our Transportation Committee. 


IPNA March 2018 Agenda

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Villa de Grip IPNA Meeting Format

The IPNA board has adopted the following procedures to facilitate an orderly consideration of the
application to rezone the parcels at 320 N. Highland (Villa de Grip) at the upcoming monthly meeting.
1. The applicant will present their proposal (15 minutes)
2. The IPNA Working Group will present their recommendation (5 minutes)
3. Question and answer period (20 minutes total)
 Residents will be able to ask questions of the applicant or the IPNA working group.
Questions should be actual questions rather than commentary in the form of a question
(as you will note, there is a separate period below for commentary). Questions will be
limited to 30 seconds and answers will be limited to 1 minute.

4. Comments (20 minutes total)
Residents may line up to make comments on the proposal in light of the presentations
and question-and-answers. Each comment will be limited to 1 minute.

5. Vote

IPNA February 2018 Agenda

This month we'll vote on Villa de Grip's rezoning plan. The working group who has been working on the plan with the developers have determined they cannot support the application for rezoning in it's current form. The Villa de Grip site is currently a buffer for residential into the commercial district of the neighborhood. The group feels the project, which will have no residential at all, is too commercially dense and intensive.  The developers want a density that is more than 4 times what is currently allowed. A letter was sent to the developer from IP President Neil Kinkopf citing specific concerns. The letter can be read here in it's entirety.  The format for the Villa de Grip portion of the meeting can be read here. 

Also on the Agenda, we'll update on the Moreland Corridor Report, announce the nominating committee for the board and vote on Ro Lawson for board Secretary. 


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IPNA January 218 Meeting Agenda

This month's IPNA meeting will be a very important one, though not for the reason most of us would have anticipated.  We will NOT be voting on the application to rezone the Villa de Grip parcels from residential to commercial.  We will, however, be hearing from Scott Ball and Jeff Rader who have been working on a 10-year update to the report on the Moreland Avenue Corridor component of the Livable Centers Initiative.  That's a whole lot of jargon.  The update and report would serve as a plan for the Moreland Ave. corridor, which includes not only traffic and safety management along Moreland Ave. (which are critical in and of themselves) but also planning for development and zoning of parcels within the corridor, such as Bass Field.  A draft of the report can be found  here.
If possible, please plan to attend and participate in this important discussion. 
We will also vote on Ro Lawson as Board Secretary, Vote on 802 Lake Ave.- Type III COA for additions to basement of home and a change of agent liquor license for Kimmie's Bistro. 

IPNA January 2018 Agenda


Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers

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IPNA January Meeting Agenda

IPNA January 2018 Agenda
Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers
Police Officers’ Report
Minutes of Last Meeting
Elected Officials’ Reports 
IPNA Officers’ Reports
- Vote on Nomination of Ro Lawson as Board Secretary
- Nominations Committee
Historic Preservation
802 Lake Ave.- Type III COA for additions to basement of home. 
Presentation by Little Five Points CID on the Liveable Centers Initiative for the Moreland Ave. Corridor (including Bass Field)
Public Safety
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business

IPNA December Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the IPNA meeting next week is attached and copied below.  

Meeting is Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. 

IPNA December 2017 Agenda
1. Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers
2. Police Officers’ Report 
3. Minutes of Last Meeting
4. Elected Officials’ Reports
5. Announcements
6.  IPNA Officers’ Reports
A. President
B. Planning
Report of Regan Hammond of Renew Atlanta on progress of transportation projects in Inman Park funded by the Renew Atlanta bond (especially the intersection of Euclid and Edgewood Aves.)
C. Zoning
Shell Station on Moreland Ave – Distance Exemption to allow sale of alcohol as a package store (owner seeking support from IPNA to persuade City Council representative to introduce legislation)
900 DeKalb Ave. – Liquor license application 
Presentation of plans for 320 N. Highland/242 Copenhill (Villa de Grip) Re-zoning Application (this is presentation and discussion only; there will not be a vote at this meeting)
D. Historic Preservation
957 Austin Ave.- Type III CA for a lot consolidation.
802 Lake Ave.- Type III CA for renovations/additions to existing home.
E. Public Safety
F. Communications
G. Treasurer
H. Secretary
7. Committee Reports
8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Adjourn